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I went her to get a refill prescription for blood pressure medicine that I was taking. It was a very long wait but I got the precription to be filled at CVS. I was told it had be be ordered and would get it the next day so I waited and called. CVS then told me it had been discontinued but didn't have my phone number to call me. Bull!! I gave my number to the Minute Clinic. I had to wait again for a different provider to look at my chart to... Read more

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Hi This is my 1st time at a minute clinic. I truly believe that someone needs to look at how long guest waits and when online and in store says lunch break 2:00-3:00pm and they come back at 3:25pm I believe they feel they have the monopoly and they don't care. The kiosk allows everyone see you putting in your personal information. Not Cool. Read more

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Very DECEPTIVE! My insurance declined minute clinics bill because the minute clinic only bills as a Primary Care. Which means that I would need a referral to visit a part time nurse inside a closet at CVS. Why in gods name would I go to my regular Dr to get a referral to go see a nurse at CVS? Even the name "Minute Clinic" suggests urgent care. When I arrived with a sore throat the nurse asked for my insurance information and told me that it... Read more

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I'm very unhappy with my visit to Minute Clinic today. The entire time, I felt like the doctor wasn't listening to me. Then I got home and read the summary of my visit (after she refused to give me any type of medication to help me) and confirmed I was absolutely right! Plus the bill covers an "extended visit". I was there 10 minutes and left just as sick! When I got home and tried to email the complaint address on the bill, it's not a real... Read more

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Checked in at 1030. Was called back at 510. At 630 they still had not seen me so I left. I was next in the list and they took two in front of me. Terrible. It's a joke.

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We took our son to the local minute clinic on 151st and Metcalf in Overland Park KS for sore throat. My son won't let the NP take the swab sample so she went ahead checking his ears for wax. She informed us that there was a lot of wax builtup and whether we wanted her to remove it. She later used a high powered water jet to irrigate his left ear. On her third attempt my son an eight year old brave child started screaming in pain. The NP was... Read more

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To Whom it may concern, I recently went to the Minute Clinic at the CVS Pharmacy in Mounds View Minnesota, 2800 Highway 10 NE. My Encounter# is 314872781. I went because I have a rash of Eczema on my right hand and wanted to get A prescription for some ointment for it. During the examination of my vitals the Provider (Mattea Ritter, NP) stated that my oxygen saturation level was extremely low and that I needed to seek immediate emergency... Read more

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NP was rude and didn't listen to what I told her. She documented my visit completely inaccurately from what I had said. She then refused to give me any meds.

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I had a rash all over my body and the nurse told me "your skin is irritated". She spent an hour looking me over and could not even tell me that she was not sure what was going on, just told me exactly what I knew. Diagnosed me with "unknown" and gave me anti-itch cream. I went to the dermatologist and he told me within minutes it was scabies. They charged me $92 for a diagnosis that I could make at home. If she had been able to tell me what it... Read more

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When I attempted to sign in the system was broken. I had to wait for someone to reboot the computer. Once I finally signed in I was told I had a wait time of 35 minutes. I'm typing as I sit and wait and guess what?? It's been an hour!! Some guy came in late and had registered his place in line - the system had him listed as "not arrived" but they took him anyway. If you are late, you are supposed to lose your place in line. I will NEVER come... Read more

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