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Pictures attached...Second try at Minute Clinic in Columbia, SC as my employer is pushing everyone to clinics now.This time, Jan 22.

Sign is and I am given estimated wait time of over 2 hours. It was more than 2 hours. Two people after me got 3 hr 45 minute wait times! NEVER take children here.

The Minute Clinic and two waiting chairs are right next to the condoms, lube, and vibrators! After my terrible employer insurance, they send me a bill a month later for $15. Submitted to work insurance again.

Within 3 months of visit, I get a letter from a collection agency for the $15.Will never try Minute Clinic again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have no idea what you're complaining about.You state that you were told the wait was over 2 hours and complain about waiting over 2 hours...

As more people sign in (2 people as you stated) the wait time will naturally increase as it takes time to see them as well. Maybe you should have gone and bought some of that lube and vibrator as you are a tightass. You have a $15 copay. You were seen and have to pay it.

You have no complaint whatsoever.Please don't ever return you ungrateful ahole.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1179365

If the wait time is too long for your liking, why not ask those in front if you if they mind you going ahead of them? Surely they wouldn't mind as you must be a pretty special guy. And your visit will just take "a second" I'm sure ...

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1162641

To the original complainer: You are correct -- You should NEVER go to Minute Clinic again! Instead go to the Emergency Room where you will be seen MUCH quicker than in 2 hours and it will cost MUCH less than $15!


You don't think you have to wait your turn?You don't think you have to pay your co-pay?

Your co-pay was $15.

Mine is $90, and I pay my bills.Cry me a river.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #922169

This should be where you have sympathy for the NP who is working very long hours in a room with no windows and poor ventilation to see you, each and every one of you with the same complaint.

Perhaps you missed the function where you could be texted when your turn was coming up so you didn't wait in the store this long.

Like many others who seem to miss this, READ the information on the kiosk.You are not the only sick person as evidenced by a nice photo of what the poor NP has in store and it is a WALK-IN clinic.

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