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I needed to take covid test before Aug. 19 for work.

I went to CVS to do so on Aug. 1 because I knew that the timeline for getting the test results is 6 - 10 days. My friend went with me to take his test on the same day. He got his results back in 4 days (Aug.

5) and I still haven't (Aug. 18). I tried to find out what happened (sample got lost/compromised/suspected positive and needed further analysis) after 2 weeks of complete radio-silence, but got no viable information on that. I only got advised to get tested for the second time "for any case" and was repetitively told that "your sample got in contact with the virus" (I tried to find out what exactly it meant, but when I asked whether my sample is still suitable for performing the reaction, it didn't seem to be a major issue, so the sample was still OK, it just was delayed).

As a diligent person, I am trying to perform a self-swab in a manner it is advised by CDC (till it stops against a wall back there, burns, and causes tears), so the test is not the most thrilling experience to go do it every week "just because" instead of a morning jog. Although, since I need to provide my test results to be allowed to work, I went on with the second test after I lost any hope in my first sample to ever get processed. The current timeline for the results is 3 - 7 days, and it has been 4 so far. I kept calling to minute clinic (also 30-40 minutes of excitement and listening to the phenomenal and uplifting music tracks in the middle of the work day) and still was not able to retrieve any information about neither of the tests I took.

Tomorrow is the day 1 I cannot show up to work, even though on my side I did everything in a very prompt and proactive manner, except for going through Minute Clinic. By the way, I also learned that my other friend ended up in the same boat as me and had to take his test twice, with the only difference that his second test results came very quickly and the reason his sample was not processed was due to the sample being either lost or contaminated as well! I am still waiting, but not sure that it is a smart activity at this point. My suggestion to CVS/Minute Clinic is to put more realistic timelines for the patients.

For example, not 3 - 7 or 6 - 10 days, but a month or two. I would take the test on June 1st then if I knew it was going to take that long. Or, hand out 3 - 5 swabs/person at once if the samples get lost or you are not sure that they can survive without contamination while they travel to the lab. So far, from a pool of data I have, the chances that the test sample makes it to the lab are 50%, so at least 2 swabs are must, for more reliability, I would offer to supply 3.

If I put my tinfoil hat on, I would dare to suppose that I have encountered a machination scheme: since CVS provides self-administered swab test and the only analog to it is a self-test that costs $100, it makes me thinking that people are put in a condition when they are forced to either go through a doctor-administered testing or to simply buy a home kit, which, if we assume a relation between the suppliers of both self-administered testing options looks like a very viable money laundry scheme. Oops, we lost your sample.

Try again. Keep trying.

User's recommendation: Weigh your luck. If you are typically lucky, go ahead and work with Minute Clinic. If not, better choose something else.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Minute Clinic Cons: No results in a meaningful time frame.

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