It has been 11 days with no test results. I called 3 days ago and they told me they'd get back to me within 3 days (after waiting on the phone for 2 hours).

I have emailed, as they said you should, with URGENT in my subject to get my test expediated, it never was. I need results for a doctors appointment. CVS should be ashamed of themselves because other pharmacies and doctors offices are getting their results back in time. I'm even way past their high end of wait times of 7 days.

It is a Friday, I got test 2 Mondays ago. And yes, I understand the nature of the COVID test, and I also understand that if people are not going to be getting their results in a timely manner MORE PEOPLE WILL GET THIS VIRUS.

CVS, you have 100% lost my business forever. Oh, and my insurance was already charged.

User's recommendation: never go here for a COVID result test.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Procedure.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Lol! Since when does typing URGENT in the subject line “expedite” your test results?

Is your Covid test any more urgent than the backlog of other tests that are awaiting results? I didn’t think so ....


since when? i have several emails from my chart minute clinic that tell you to do this exact thing. you’re trying to make the other person look dumb while you’re clearly uninformed.


The pronoun I should be in capital letters. This is taught in second grade.

Learn basic second grade English before calling someone dumb. Also learn how to use a capital letter to start a sentence before calling someone dumb.


Whether urgent or not, when a business lies to you through direct contact or advertising and you rely on what they tell you, you SHOULD be pissed!

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