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We signed in for a flu swan test at 3:50 pm with a 59 minute est. time to be seen. Clinic “closes” at 5:30.

At 5:30, we were still 2nd in line waiting. One nurse practitioner came out and said they are closed...can’t help that the computer didn’t give any updates, that she “had her own life”, and the company gets”upset” if they stay after 5:30. She left.

A second one came out a couple minutes later and told us two that she would see each of us...and she did.

The computer shouldn’t accept signups unless staff WILL stay to see the patient....no matter “closing” time....or warn they may not be seen. DONT leave us hanging!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Procedure.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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What’s a swan test? I’m afraid to ask what you’ve been up to in your personal time.


Why are you complaining? You admit you were seen.

So what is the problem? Why are you complaining? You admit you were seen. So what is the problem?

Why are you complaining? You admit you were seen. So what is the problem? Why are you complaining?

You admit you were seen. So what is the problem?


Two reasons. Their “policy” is to leave at 5:30 no matter who is waiting or why.

That’s ridiculous for a medical facility when sick people wait in line for hours to be seen. Second, both NP’s said they are purposely left to be attacked due to their employer’s computer intake program and policy. They said they are helpless and (1) complained to try and get their company to warn patients when they use the computer sign in, e.g.

that after a certain time with a certain number waiting that they may not be seen if they sign up. But it is a marketing tool to load them up with waiting patients notwithstanding their policy to dump the list at 5:30....so customers must complain to get it corrected to prioritize patients....it’s like overbooking on airlines but offering nothing when you are “bumped”....with patients worse off as other clinics have closed they might have gone to if warned.


All of your irrelevant jibberish aside, you were still seen, correct? You still had your medical needs addressed, correct?

You were not turned away without being serviced, correct? If MInuteClinic is so awful, perhaps you should not have accepted their service, and just left.

But of course, you stayed ... Sounds like you go out of your way to find trivial things to complain about.


Not sure I understand your complaint here. If they close at 5:30 then they close at 5:30.

As in, the doors are locked and everyone goes home, at 5:30. "Why" someone might still be waiting is not important ... bozos show up all the time at closing and plop down in one of the chairs and expect to be seen because they feel oh so self-entitled. If they are closed then that means Goodbye!!

Go home!! And if you do not like it, then exercise your displeasure by not going there!

It sounds like the only thing that would have made you happy is for the clinic to stay open past their normal operating hours and roll out the red carpet exclusively to you. Not gonna happen.

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