I requested a virtual visit. Dr.

Vi Nguyen was the provider assigned for the virtual visit. She informed me that she would reissue prescriptions that I had before which were an antibiotic and nasal spray. I thanked her and asked if she could provide a doctors slip for days off work, although one is not required to return to work. Dr.

Vi stated that I would need to get a COVID-19 test before going back to work. My wife and I asked why this was necessary, because symptoms were similar as they were before in October 2020 when I last saw the doctor and that an antibiotic and nasal spray was prescribed before and worked. She bowed her head as if she were frustrated and said that she was disconnecting the call. She did not ask if we had further questions or clarify any info discussed.

Furthermore, she was very rude, and we will not be seen by her again. In reading online reviews with Minute Clinic, it seems that this type of behavior is consistent with clinicians. In this day and time, many consumers are very appreciative of care provided, especially since our doctors/nurses etc. are frontline employees and my tendency is to be patient with the clinician.

However, this goes beyond common courtesy. In her mind, the $ she is being paid on a $59 visit for a 5-minute patient consultation, may not be enough, but for some of us average, hard-working Americans, it is the only alternative to get health care and treatment. If she is not able to exercise courtesy and treat patients/client with respect, then she does not need to be a clinician answering televisits.

I am posting this complaint here and placed a complaint via phone with Teladoc regarding my treatment from this doctor. I will also be uploading a video on YouTube about this experience.

User's recommendation: Do not waste your money with CVS Minute Clinic. The cheap rate of $59 is not worth being hung up on and treated like you are worthless. An in-person visit at a local clinic for $65 is well worth the extra money and drive.

Location: Spring, Texas

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An antibiotic and nasal spray for COVID? I don't think that's good advice at all!


What a pitiful attempt on your part to get free medical care. Your scheming self should just apply for Medicaid if you’re that bad off.

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