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Update by user Oct 10, 2020

Sent me to the actual lab, where results were readily available..

Original review posted by user Oct 10, 2020

I have a Covid19 test performed (9/27), and paperwork indicated it would be back 2-5 days and accessible thru their MyChart portal.

I watched for results for for the next 8 days before trying to contact anyone. The access number gets me into an automated circular game with NO INFO.

Use of text also was without an answer. After three daily emails (starting on day 10), they finally left a voicemail today (day 13) telling me to go to MyChart, call the access number, or call Labcorp directly. Labcorp had me setup a portal, and I had my results in 5 minutes.

Final two days after the test (9/29), and provided to the "health care requester" (Minute Clinic). Ooops.

User's recommendation: Minute Clinic has not shown to be reliable or accessible, so try elsewhere first.

Minute Clinic Pros: Had available test window that was immediate, Drive thru testing.

Minute Clinic Cons: There was not a way to talk to real people for answers, Only circular automated phone systems that provided no answers, Online info had no way to reach a person, Did not show another way to get results when they failed.

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A further follow-up: I received a letter via UPS that told me: We have tried to reach you seceral times, without success, You can go the portal, but to let you know the test was negative. This arrived on November 5th.

It was dated 10/14, but was not handed to UPS until 10/28 (their timestamp).

And there were not several attempts or voicemails unilt the last one, which did not leave the results. Concerning too, was that UPS unceremoniously dropped the letter on the porch and drove off, even though it clearly was sent requiring and adult (over 21) signature.

@John M

Seriously? They went out of the way to get you your results because you had not provided them with accurate contact info, and now you’re complaining about the way in which the results were communicated to you? Unbelievable!


Confused. They provided me the access code for setting upo MY portal to test results (BTW empty still as of today), I provided email adddress and phone number (multiple attempts to reach someone), they found a number to "reach out several times", includiung finally leaving a message, and had an address to mail me the letter.

Where have I failed in providing contact info. As well, they had the contact info from the sign-up process to schedule the test. I would think going out of their way would include putting the test results where they were supposed to, leaving voice mail on each call Iif there were any), not just the last one, and have a more timely way to send physical mail (recall it took two weeks from print to UPS even before it started its way to me) These were results were for a potentially serious illness, that affected me and several others I had contact with, all waiting to hear good news - or any news. Thanks for your concern.

That does not change the fact that the entire point was that they see to be a critical service that is a black hole.

I have worked with/through seceral other labs in the last few years, and none have been this opaque. Certainly my opinion, but based on the facts clearly detailed in the posts.

@John M

I've lost interest in this whole boring saga at this point.

@John M

A double header: complaint about UPS embedded in your other complaint. Why not just leave accurate contact information next time? If testing was so important, why disappear before you get the results?


How funny. It never occurred to you in the beginning to simply contact the lab? Instead you just worked yourself up into a tizzy


Since it took a call to the CVS location - which they made very clear was NOT MInute Clinic, and she mentioned the lab, it was not a path I was aware of. And you might be in a tizzy when you are waiting for a Covid19 test to return and there is no way to find out the results. Funny that never occured to you.

@John M

Duh, it took the pharmacy cashier to tell you a common sense answer. Where did you think your test was performed at?

Did you see an actual lab inside the Minute Clinic, pharmacy, or anywhere else in the store? Quit acting like a brainless baboon and use your head next time.

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