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February 28, 2018: Went to a Minute Clinic at advice of an audiologist to remove wax from my ear.

I returned to the audiologist a few days later and was told that there was still too much wax in ear to adjust my hearing aid. Had to have ears cleaned again.

Contacted Minute Clinic via their website to explain what happened and voice my concern and complaint. Had no reply until March 28.

March 28: Received a letter from Minute Clinic's Risk Management asking me to contact them at the telephone numbers they provided. I tried on many occasions and always got a recording telling me to leave a message and they would return my call. I have tried numerous time to make contact without success. Never a reply. Finally I received a billing statement. I contacted the billing office two times and was simply told that the billing charge was correct.

I am now considering my options to file an appeal and/or complaint within CVSHealth and/or the medical profession.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It's interesting how much information these anonymous posters have about what is and isn't covered and what is and isn't promised. Almost makes you think they work for CVS...but that would be so wrong...wouldn't it?


LOL! This review had me laughing so hard!

This person actually said that they may file a complaint with "the medical profession"??? First of all, how is possible to file a complaint against an entire "profession"?

And why is it anyone else's fault that this individual has such poor hygiene as to never clean their ears such that they become IMPACTED with wax? People REALLY need to take some responsibility.

to Anonymous #1520158

Are you a drunk CVS employee? The person has excess ear wax.

What does that have to do with hygiene? I've been told certain people produce more earwax than others naturally.

And CVS didn't tell me that. Or pay me.


Perhaps you should have read the consent form you signed prior to the ear wax removal procedure. They CLEARLY state that there is NO guarantee that all of the wax will be removed.

It even states that it is possible that NONE of the wax may be removed. A retail clinic simply CANNOT remove excessive, impacted ear wax. It is YOUR responsibility to pre-treat with an over the counter ear wax softening aid prior to the procedure. Again, this is stated on the consent form, which you likely did not even look at prior to signing.

You went in there with unrealistic expectations, which is hardly the clinic's fault. You received the service you paid for.

Just because you did not like the results does not mean that you should get a refund. Next time, READ before signing consent forms so you know the details of the procedures you are agreeing to undergo.

to JJ #1475170

Thanks for your thoughts. Just a few comments.I have had my ears cleaned at the clinic previously with no problems.

I did prepare my ears with an ear wax softener.

I did have them cleaned again within the next few days and in a matter of minutes the wax was removed to the extent needed to successfully complete the hearing test.Just a friendly comment that may help you in the future. A warning that there may be times when wax cannot be totally removed or for that matter any warning that a medical procedure may not be successful is certainly no guarantee that a practitioner is competent.How I wish that a simple warning would guarantee that your practitioner is competent.

to SaneJay #1520161

Don't reply to the other posters Sanejay. They work for CVS.

For sure.

No one else would bother to attack your post. They have some skin in the game.

to SaneJay #1579789

They warned you that your wax may not be fully removed. Your wax could not be fully removed. What exactly is your complaint?DId you expect them to go in there with a shovel or something?

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