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MinuteClinic has some of the rudest, impatient, demanding patients in the world. They think just because they see "Minute" in the title, they will be seen in a minute.

They come in with their own self-diagnosis based on similar symptoms before and demanding medications. They sometimes even cry when they do not get their way. They feel sick all day then wait until the end of the day to try and sign in and demand to be seen. They feel self-righteous and should be seen before others who have already signed in based on the fact that it will be a "quick visit," or some other dumb reason.

Guess what, you are not special and you have to wait just like everyone else. Then they bother people in the waiting room asking them what they are there for and trying to determine if the wait time is "accurate." It's an estimated time for a reason. Patients come in right before the posted lunch hour wanting the provider to see them now. They are human beings and need a break and need replenishment just like anyone else.

If you don't like it, go somewhere else. Obviously with all the people complaining about the wait time and how many people are signed in already, you will not be missed. Just go to urgent care where they will prescribe a steroid shot and zpak to any sick person that walks in the door just to shut you up, keep you happy, and get you out the door. Don't come crying to anybody when zpak's are no longer effective as antibiotic resistance is at an all time high and not getting any better.

You do not have a medical degree and you are there for the medical professional's evaluation and advice. You do not get to demand anything and you have to pay for your visit whether the best treatment is nothing, OTC meds, RX meds, or a referral to a higher level of care. It doesn't matter. Sometimes they may get a little cranky but it's because they have to deal with the same ignorant patients over and over all day long.

Then they want to go home on time just like anybody else who has a job and are chastised for it. Have some compassion, patience, and take some responsibility of your own.

I liked: Staff and the environment.

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You are correct. The overwhelming majority of Minute Clinic patients must have fallen on their heads at some point during childhood.

They come in with the most ridiculous complaints. The clinics now have AEDs due to all the idiots who come in with chest pain and collapse on the waiting room floor in full heart attack mode. Sorry to break it to you, but Minute Clinic is NOT an Emergency Room! Patients come in with foreign objects embedded in just about any body part imaginable, and expect the provider to do minor surgery to remove them.

They come in with limbs and appendages almost completely severed and hanging by a flap of skin, blood pouring out everywhere, asking “Do I need stitches?” People sit there and wait, and when their name is called they notify the provider that they have a suspected fracture. Hello, do you see an x-ray machine anywhere in this 8x8 closet-sized clinic?? Then these people file complaints against the provider and refuse to pay when they receive a bill for their evaluation and referral.

Do people not realize that this is a RETAIL HEALTH CLINIC - not an urgent care or Emergency Room? Minute Clinic provider’s should be allowed to charge an additional fee to patients who exceed the stupidity threshold.

to Anonymous #1396690

Thank you!! Finally someone put it out there!! The things the NPs have to deal with should qualify for combat pay (stupidity tolerance pay)

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