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All I need is to clean my ears

After spending 20 min on paper work and taking 2 minuets looking in my ears she told me that one of my ears is clogged and I should go to see doctor because she don’t know how to do it

I got bill for $69

Do I am paying for my waisted time

REALLY not happening

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Earwax Removal Procedure.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Why are you so mad? It’s your own fault that your poor hygiene caused you to get impacted.


So in the “20 minutes” you spent reading The informed consent form, did you actually miss the part that says there is NO GUARANTEE that they can do the procedure???They checked your ears and they were not simply “clogged.” They were infected. You cannot irrigate infected ears.

Take the advice of the licensed medical provider and stop trying to cheap out by seeking care in an inappropriate setting for your condition.

As you found out the hard way, your mistake does not mean you don’t have to pay for wasting the providers time. Complaint dismissed!

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