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I was a very loyal customer of the Target Clinic on 2656 N Elston Chicago, IL before it was taken over by CVS. Following a terrible experience I had at the Target Minute Clinic today I will never go back.

I don't understand how CVS thinks they can run a clinic without a receptionist. No one works at the desk and the computer they want you to use to sign in doesn't even work. I waited for almost 45 minutes alone in the clinic and unable to sign in or alert anyone to the issue of the one computer being frozen and unusable.

While I was waiting I did the following things to try to solve the problem on my own:

1. I tried calling the main number for this target and when I hit the number to be connected to the minute clinic I only get a loud blaring noise. It does not connect me to an operational number or anyone to talk to.

2. I called the main number for CVS minute clinics and they have no idea what is going on, "they have been open for 2 hours so someone should be there to help you". The woman wasn't certain that this target minute clinic was actually in operation and she couldn't get through to her call center to find out.

3. I asked for help within the store. No one who works at the main target or CVS pharmacy inside the target is connected to this clinic and able to help or give me any information about it.

4. Tried to log in online on the minute clinic webpage, however the target location on Elston is unlisted along with all Target locations.

After an extensive wait, feeing miserably sick and unsure I would even be seen I started to cry. I sat in the waiting room crying. Finally, the NP came out from the back where she had been with another patient. She got a key to reset the computer and told me I had to sign in before I could be seen. I waited for the computer to restart, attempted to sign in and it froze again. I had to ask her to come back and restart it. I started filling out the form again and it looked like it was going to again freeze, I started to walk away but the NP who was also frustrated signaled for me to come back and complete the form.

This lack of receptionist service, non-working computers, and obvious disconnect between both Target & CVS is unacceptable. I will never return and I will be informing all my friends and family of this terrible experience.

People who are un-well should not have to go through such a difficult experience to be seen at your clinic. There is obvious corner cutting to make more money and it directly impacts the patients, the person you claim to care for. Considering that CVS is billing my insurance in excess of $200 and me a $30 copay for the few minutes they spent with me, I should think that you can afford to provide a higher quality of care if you actually care about your patients rather than just making as much money as possible.

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Just politely inform the NP after they are finished with the visit that the kiosk is malfunctioning. Do you want to pay more for your visit to have a receptionist there?

No. Most of the time they don't do anything and it's a waste of money.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1243580

Why are you getting yourself in such a dizzy ... Running all over the store, making multiple phone calls, and ultimately sitting there crying, just because the kiosk is frozen?

Just park yourself in front of the kiosk and wait for the provider to finish seeing her current patient and then she will help you sign in. Its not the end of the world, for crying out loud.

If you're never going to return, then fine! Good luck getting an appointment with your PCP with such walk-in convenience and ease!


Get a grip!! Obviously the whole "receptionist" idea didn't work out too well or Target Clinic would have been profitable enough to stay in business!

Calm down, the computer has nothing to do with the quality of medical care you will receive, just sit yourself down and WAIT for the clinician to finish with her patient and come help you. And btw, CVS does not charge you a $30 copay, your insurance company does ...

So take that up with your insurance if you don't like that. Or, just take your crybaby self somewhere else!

to Anonymous #1418610

Your reply is extremely rude. Where do you get off calling people names, and treating people in a derogatory manner.

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