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I went to a Minute Clinic to get relief from an eye infection.The nurse practitioner misdiagonsed my problem and prescribed an extremely caustic antibiotic, which produced an allergic reaction.

I was in horrible pain until I was able to get treatment from a great opthamologist. Can I sue these people?

I'm so angry that I am seeking legal advice.The attached photo shows the results of the treatment I received!

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of eye infection treatment from Minute Clinic and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Minute Clinic to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Jackson, Tennessee, United States #1282207

Extremely caustic? Eye drops are not made with caustic ingredients. You clearly did not follow use directions.


You have to show that there was a misdiagnosis, yet for an eye infection you were prescribed an antibiotic. It happens to be that you had an allergic response, yet that is merely unfortunate, not a misdiagnosis.

Monroe, Louisiana, United States #1064206

God bless you!That treatment is truly nightmarish.

Hard to argue that any physical ability is more precious than our eyesight. Yes, of course you can sue (only an attorney can help with that, of course). BUT DON'T OVERLOOK TO MAKE A REPORT TO THE STATE LICENSING BOARD!

If what you say is true, the clinician who treated you should be disciplined.This is so important, because your report could prevent another patient receiving incompetent treatment.


You're a old woman.Why you did not go to your Doctor instead?

MC is not made for complicated cases. Just don't go there anymore please.

It's not for you.Stick to your geriatric DR.

to Anonymous Texas, United States #1064240

This comment is both ill-informed and highly insulting.A marvelous thing about the United States is that we have laws that protect public health, and the laws are enforced.

(Commenter obviously is not a native speaker of English and may not appreciate certain principles and protections that we enjoy in this country.) Like every medical facility in this country, Minute Clinic, is subject to federal and state laws, and is licensed by the state. Lapses in compliance result in sanctions and penalties that may include loss of license. The clinician who performs the services is individually licensed by the state, and required to comply with legal and professional ethical standards. Any deviation can result in sanctions, penalties, and even loss of the license.

All that professional training is worth ZERO if the clinician cannot uphold exacting standards.

If Minute Clinic opens its doors at all, it must provide proper care to everyone who walks in. Anyone who cannot be treated because their health status or their clinical needs fall outside Minute Clinic's scope of practice must be referred elsewhere.

In accepting to treat the lady whose eye was damaged, Minute Clinic and the individual clinician undertook the responsibility and obligation to treat appropriately. They cannot evade their professional obligations.

You are ignorant, Sir or Madam!

And you do not even know the scope of your ignorance. The lady's age is irrelevant, and...

You have no business giving advice to the lady about anything.How much better to be aged, polite, and wise than to be young, arrogant, badly-educated, and ill-informed!

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Colorado, United States #969270

Yes, you can sue.The providers at Minute Clinic misdiagnose people all the time.

I worked in the customer service department of that horrible company and I talked with people who ended up having to go into the ER because of the treatment they received at the Minute Clinic.Stay away from that place.

to gladtobegone #975518

To "gladtobegone"

After viewing many of your comments, it honestly just sounds like you are a very disgruntled ex-employee that was fired and have nothing better to do in life than throw hate words at the company and more educated healthcare providers that seemed to have ruined your life--ie.incoming paychecks.

But on a positive note, at least you can get out of the "customer service" arena where you may do a better job and actually earn your paycheck--I am sure a lot of customers will be happier now after not dealing with you.

Bad news for you is that you don't have a legal degree and have no idea that the situation above will only cost this poor woman more money trying to fight a battle that will not be in her favor because there is NO malpractice or negligence case for someone having an allergic reaction to a medication that they have never taken before and had no idea that they were allergic to it.Unfortunately, people only learn about allergic reactions to medications after starting them and having similar symptoms as this lady did--its an awful experience to have a bad response to medications that are supposed to help but no crystal balls are available to foresee such unfortunate events.

to Anonymous Texas, United States #1064246

And where did you obtain your medical credentials?In what state are you licensed as a physician?

And how could you possibly diagnose "allergic reaction" without knowing patient's clinical history, medications already prescribed, presenting complaint, signs and symptoms, diagnosis that Minute Clinic rendered, the name of the prescribed medication(s), instructions given for taking/using the prescription...? And what were your findings after performing a physical examination?

So, hold your tongue!Nobody asked for your medical opinion.

Washington, North Carolina, United States #968116

You say you had an eye infection and were given an antibiotic.

If thats true, you were not misdiagnosed.

If you did not know you were allergic to an antibiotic and accordingly did not tell your caregiver that you were, caregivers are not psychic and could not you would react.Anybody can become allergic to anything at anytime.

When you started reacting to the antibiotic and your eye got worse, you should have contacted a caregiver immediately and stopped the antibiotic.

Caregivers are not liable for giving you an antibiotic or anything else you have an allergic reaction to UNLESS you have disclosed to them before writing the prescription that you ARE allergic to a particular class of antibiotics.

Then if they knowingly gave you something you are allergic to they are liable otherwise not.You dont have a case here from what you have described.

to not psychic Texas, United States #1064249

Comments above from "ClaraBarton95" to "Anonymous" also apply equally to you, "not psychic".The lady with the eye injury did not request medical advice from the likes of you.

Apparently she is receiving competent treatment from her Opthalmologist. The scolding tone of your post is perplexing. Why do you visit a website of this nature if it bothers you to read people's complaints? If you have helpful advice or observations, please offer them in a kindly spirit.

Use courtesy.

I trust you would not present such bad manners and ugly attitude in a face to face encounter with a person who is actually suffering.

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