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I signed in at 11:15 am. At 1 pm the nurse comes out and puts this sign up.

It clearly states that if you are signed in you will be seen prior to their meal break. At 1:30 she announces she is going to lunch and will be back in about an hour.

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What is your complaint?

Riverview, Florida, United States #1260217

I believe by 1:30, the nurse is very much entitled to a lunch break, especially after working a solid 6 hours already. Go run some errands or get lunch yourself and come back in one hour. Treat the nurse nicely and with respect and she will treat you well too.


And? What exactly is your complaint?

That the nurse communicated to the waiting patients that she would be sure to see them? Some people will complain about ANYTHING!!


She did good because u guys think that they are robot. u selfish, and u dont read.

U dont see that if its 1115 and 5 people are waiting there is no way that u be seen. U stick around like it's the end of the wold when u dont really have anything serious but anoy people with your foolishness

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