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On May 25th I finally visited the Minute Clinic at CVS in Columbus, after frantically calling several other clinics in town to learn they were all overbooked or didn't provide walk-in appointments.

My abdomen was killing me, it felt like someone had punched it as hard as they could and it was in the bruising process. I had trouble walking, and I'd been *** blood for days; I knew it was serious.

After making an appointment with the Minute Clinic online, which didn't allow me to choose a time slot and apparently had set the appointment time for 'Immediately'; I arrive at the clinic 30 minutes later to my appointment being "timed out". Then waited 15 minutes while a fat and rude family ahead of me fiddled with the sign-in computer and flashed me dirty looks. I finally got signed in, waited another 30 minutes for their appointment to be over, while I received threatening automated emails asking me to "return to the waiting room," because they really didn't like me hanging out in the magazine isle I guess.

Finally I was called in, a blonde lady, who acted nice at first, sat me down and asked me basic medical questions, then questions about my specific problem. The only thing that happened to me that day that I would consider anything relative to Testing, is a quick blood pressure test (standard), and a urine sample.

She did all the real testing, that was of absolutely any use to me, there. I got a percentage breakdown of everything in the sample, I got mediocre medical advice, and a prescription for antibiotics. *This particular antibiotic, a member of the 'flaxin' family is one I've dealt with before. The people who make ciproflaxin have been sued several times for ruining people's tendons, causing long-term damage to their bodies. They pay off doctors to prescribe them, and in that deal the medical jokers play dumb when it comes any alternative under 30$ a bottle.* So I already knew the Minute Clinic was taking legal bribes at this point.

Towards the end of the session, she kept telling me "If it gets any worse, don't hesitate to go to the ER." She then- Let me be clear about this- She then TOLD ME *not offered, not asked* that she was going to send it to a lab for more information. She also NEVER INDICATED IT COULD POSSIBLY COST ANYTHING. She never indicated I had a choice in the matter either! - She said basically the point of sending it there was to see if I should stay on the medication she prescribed me. By the way, I paid $130.00+ on this visit, I was charged $90 just for being a new patient, and I never gave them any indication I would be a returning one. The lady knew I didn't have insurance, she even asked me if I was okay when she pulled up the final price on the computer.

Disgusting fake sympathy.

So half way through my prescription, several days later, I get a phone call. This phone call lasted literally less than 60 seconds. The woman on the other end said she had my lab results, told me what the disease was caused by, said to stay on my prescription, then hung up with an awkward sign-off.

This less-than-a-minute-long phone call sent me a bill several months later. Today I opened a letter from Quest Diagnostics. A bill for $163.86.

The letter claims that my payment is passed due, although I was never given any indication that it would cost anything, I never even knew the name of this fake diagnostics company, and I certainly never received any kind of email or mail before this one. So, if you type "Quest Diagnostics L" into google search bar, the most searched for phrase is of course "Quest Diagnostics Lawsuit," which they have plenty of for fraudulent and hidden charges.

I've been having one surprise fee after another. In this time in my life when I need to be saving money and using time to make drastic decisions, I shouldn't have to have nonsensical charges thrown at me by scam health companies.

I will never go to any CVS owned branch again, I don't care if it kills me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Medical Examination.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $164.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Minute Clinic Cons: Minute clinic.

  • Fradulent Billing Practice
  • Scam
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No one cares that you don’t have insurance. If you need a test in order to be properly diagnosed, the doctor is going to order that test.

By the by, insurance is federally mandated, so you are technically breaking the law by not having any. Do you cry ripoff when the federal government charges you a penalty at the end of the year? Take some responsibility for yourself.

If you accept goods and services you are required to pay. Maybe the local free clinic would be a more suitable venue for you in the future.


Did Minute Clinic do a CT scan to diagnose your abdomen? Being so frantic and all, they should’ve accommodated your demands even if outside of the clinic scope.

In fact, CVS Pharmacy sells handheld ultrasonic devices ...

the attendant could have simply grabbed one off the shelf and used it to diagnose you. Shame on them.


Wow anonymous CVS employee. You have commented on almost every negative post.

Way to be diligent.

You just aren't very good and being subtle and not pegging yourself as a CVS employed troll. I think they are probably paying you too much.


Why are your trolling the CVS minute clinic complain forum. Do you work for CVS or are you just so bitter and angry you want to be a jerk to people that are already having trouble.

Either way, get a life. Sad.


You must not have paid attention when you were signing in, as the kiosk clearly tells you that labs are additional. Do you really expect to receive medical care for free?I found your delusional account of the “bribes” quite hilarious! Do tell another joke!

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