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Only take two medications for BP and Diabetes II. Without consent went into my prescription history and found a medication that I no longer used ( Lantus Pens ) insulin.

Denied DOT Physical and career of 28 yrs.

as truck driver. Far exceeded authority and and violated confidentiality of records without my personal consent.

Original review posted by user Dec 09, 2016

Only the 2nd. person to get DOT physical that all the person has done.

No matter how honest I was she was suspicious about a prescription I never used. Have not used Lantus in over a yr. She has no ideal how CVS operates or automatic refills that come in all the time. I just pick up bags a CVS for my wife and I, once home I look at them.

She suggested that I ask what they are before picking them up. That's nice now at 64 given lessons by your employee. Ms. Jurgensen at store 2108 should have worked for the FBI.

Never been so insulted . Get more experience employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Dot Physical Medical Examination.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $109.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Minute Clinic Cons: Wasisted.

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No experience with DOT Physicals? ACTUALLY it sounds like the nurse had PLENTY of experience as she conducted the physical and failed you in accordance with DOT regulations. You’re just mad because you FAILED.


Wow- evidentially if make the mistake of going here for a D.O.T physical and are disappointed- you can count on getting slammed by hundreds of anonymous folks who are happy you failed.


Why do you feel you deserve “a full refund.” You paid for a DOT Physical, and you received a DOT Physical. Ie, you got what you paid for. Now whether you pass or fail is up to YOU and the health choices you make!


If you have a prescription for insulin, then that is an automatic fail. So is not answering page 1 of the form honestly and accurately.

You may have successfully hid this information in the past, but fortunately computers are smarter than you are.By the way, the nurse reported your Fail on the DOT website. Say goodbye to your career.


You could have gotten a note from your primary care doctor that it was a mistake and you are not on insulin.. but im assuming you "couldn't get the note" because of some weird reason right?

=) As long as they have documentation from your prescriber you should have been all set.

Many people shop around clinics for DOTs they failed in the past and they are able to see that info, sorry! Getting harder for you to lie


The provider does not need your consent as they need all of your medical information to assess/treat you appropriately. Seems you were trying to hide your prescription history as you didn't want the provider to see it which would disqualify you.


"Without your consent"? You, sir, gave your consent when checking into the kiosk and signing your name under the "consent to treat" agreement. Of course you already know this, so enough of your lies already!!!


The NP's "authority" is granted by the FMCSA, the federal organization which certified said NP to perform your DOT physical. From the information you provided, the NP was well within her "authority" to fail you. In fact, she should have failed you immediately upon reviewing your health history paper and noting your falsification of information - ie, neglecting to leave out your diabetes, metformin, insulin pen, or whatever you want to call it during one of your many daily updates or multiple posts ....


Hypertension (high blood pressure) is also a disqualifying condition. Did you attempt to hide this as well?

If you no longer took the alleged medications, why was the pharmacy still filling them? The medications you named are quite expensive, it is highly unlikely you did not know what you were picking up until "you got home and looked at them." Your story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.


Hate to break it to ya but the NP was well within her rights to fail you. Why??

Because you lied on your application and neglected to mention you were diabetic, which is automatically disqualifying under certain conditions. Medications that are prescribed to you are visible to ALL healthcare providers, thanks to electronic medical records, so your attempt to pull a fast one over on the NP did not go over as planned. Liars never get far in life.

Luckily your lie finally caught up with you, the NP updated the FMCSA website with your failed physical so you can't try the same scam elsewhere, and you will no longer be on the roads putting innocent people in danger. Stop bashing others for the fact that you got caught in your own lies, and take some personal responsibility.


So lets cut to the chase. The provider appropriately either disqualified you or approved you for a limited period of time because regardless of what you "told" her, it was discovered that you were diabetic.

Guess what, she acted in accordance with federal DOT regulations and was smart enough to recognize that you were not being truthful.

Thanks to her actions as a DOT certified provider, the FMCSA database had been updated with her clearance decision should you decide to go elsewhere for a DOT physical and try to pull another fast one on a different provider and you will not be able to obtain a certificate. The roads will be safer without you on them.

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