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I have used MinuteClinic for over 5 years as a walk-in clinic between two jobs I recently attempted to do so for a really bad ear infection only to be turned away because my appointment at that point was not till 6:20 at night even though I was there at 1:12 p.m. at that time 6:20 I would be at my other job this was unacceptable to me it is a walk-in clinic I am physically there I did not make an appointment by a computer their marketing is walk-in I did as it states I walked in I requested medical attention I was denied so they are no longer a walk-in clinic they are no longer available to those that work more than one job working mom anybody who has kids and are struggling to get a doctor's appointment their customer service is no longer there for us they have let technology take over which eliminates the walk in

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Customer Care.

Reason of review: No longer Walk in it's now actually by appointment and lie even noon when you walk in other people have made appointments online so when you walk in you're just making an appointment also you are not be seeing as I walk in.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Minute Clinic Cons: No longer walk in by appointment only.

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If you are able to get online to write multiple complaints and responses, then you could have found a way to get online to reserve your place in line at the clinic just like everyone else. Complaint dismissed!


You were “denied”??? Or were you simply instructed to have a seat and WAIT YOUR TURN behind those who signed in before you???

Entitled much? Smh

Heidi A

Yes I am entitled to have healthcare from a company that cares about the working class that does not have access to internet on a daily basis. We are not all privileged to have such conviences and we count on services that understand that not all people have the same previledges in life.

I could not wait 6hrs.

I would of been at my second job. For years I counted on this service and technology once again has taken it away from those in need and not privileged.

@Heidi A

OK you are really out of line. Minute Clinic is a private corporation and can do as it pleases.

It is NOT an establishment designed for the needy such as yourself. 99% of the population does NOT want to simply walk in and wait all day long for the next available time to be seen; that is why appointments are being offered. Alternatively, you are welcome to walk-in, sign-in, and return to the clinic at the stated time if you don't wish to or cannot wait the entire duration of the posted time in the store. Regardless, if you are going to throw your "needy" card into the mix, perhaps you should consider going to your local health department or welfare clinic, which is more in tune with catering to your kind.

The fact that you have "a second job," are "working class," "don't have internet" and whatever other nonsense you're spewing does not qualify you to be seen ahead of others who have signed in before you and are waiting their turn.

There is nothing stopping you from borrowing a co-worker's phone to use the MinuteClinic app to hold your place in line just like everyone else who has an appointment. (I highly doubt that you do not have a cell phone of your own, NOR internet access seeing as how you have now posted to this site at least twice if not more.) If you have time to leave without being seen AND proceeded to go on to your "second job," then you must not have been too sick after all.

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