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I took my son to a minute clinic in wake forest, NC inside of Target on Retail Drive. He is 6 and had barely talked in 2 days because his throat was so sore.

Upon arrival "Shawna", who isn't even a PA, took us in. The first words out of my mouth were "my son has not talked all day because his throat is so sore." She looks in his thoat and sees dots and insists on a step test. She takes out the long swab and my son starts crying.she tells me she can't treat him without the test. I sit him on my lap and tell her to just do it and she starts yapping about a mom who restrained her son in a Wrestling hold to get a strep test.

Meanwhile, in hugging my terrified son tight so she can do the test. I say to her "I have him. Are we doing this?!" She swabs him and he screams because , who wouldn't with a sore throat. Shawna says to my son "oh come on it's not that bad.

I'm not giving you a tissue until I see some tears" ( He WAS crying tears ) So she leans down and says to me "Amy, is he on the spectrum?" I look at her like "did I just hear what I thought she asked me?" I tell her no and that it's presumptuous to ask a patient that. Then she says "I'm sorry! It's just that Autistic kids are Non verbal and have a very low pain tolerance." Whaaat?! Who asks that?!

And I'm sorry, Shawna, but if my son Landon WAS autistic, were you going to bust out the special autistic child strep test? This has never happened to me before. Clearly she did not listen when I walked in and said "my son has NOT talked in 2 days because his throat is sore."I called minute clinics complaint line 4 days ago and got a vague Voice mail from a "supervisor" & called right back and never heard anything again. Never again will I use minute clinic!

And shame on your ignorance Shawna. I hope parents stay away from you and your awful bedside manner/crassness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Nurse.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Minute Clinic Cons: Shawna was very unprofessional, Unprofessional service.

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Why did you not answer the manager’s call? Clearly you could have, since you were able to “immediately” call back.

You got the call you requested, and you chose to ignore it. The manager’s job is not to chase you around playing phone tag until you feel like answering.

Good grief! You sure are “entitled!”


Why do I get the feeling that the comments on this post are either made by Shawna, or by someone who knows Shawna?


I win


Awwww your sweet innocent Landon was causing a scene and the nurse called you out on it. Boo hoo hoo, cry me a river. The only complaint here should be from the nurse having to deal with you and your spawn.


I would be willing to bet this commenter is Shawna. What an awful person.

Healthcare providers should be compassionate. You are an embarrassment to the profession.


Why are you mad at the nurse. Clearly you did not understand her hints that you need to control your child.

His behavior was uncalled for an inappropriate for a medical clinic. Of course a strep test is not pleasant -- neither is a colonoscopy or a surgery. But ya know what? Those patients do not act out, making a fool of themselves, making it difficult for the provider to do their job.

You went in for a strep test and that's exactly what you received.

You got exactly what you wanted. The provider is NOT required to put up with your child's ill behavior and your lack of parenting!


So you refer to normal child behavior as inappropriate? Really need to leave the profession to the actual professionals!


let's be honest ... you are just upset because your son tested NEGATIVE for strep and you didn't get the antibiotics you were seeking.

because the provider acted upon sound medical judgement and treated your son appropriately. There is no need to make false accusations and try to ruin someone's reputation because you did not get your way. you need to leave the medical decision making up to the professionals.

just because you go in demanding antibiotics does not mean that you will get it. you owe Shawna an apology!!!


Shawna owes the patient an apology. Unacceptable and unprofessional behavior. Perhaps mcdonalds would be a better job choice for shawna.


Why would you suggest that?

Oh. So you’ll have something else to complain about...


She wouldn't be able to hear an apology if one were offered, due to precious little Landon throwing a fit in the background,

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