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A nurse practitioner stole my personal data. He called me at midnight after I had left the Clinic at approximately 6pm; saying I had a heart condition and that I MUST meet him at another clinic he moonlights at for this condition.

NONE of this was entered into my charts at Minute Clinic. The NP misrepresented my physical condition.

The same NP used my personal data to incorporate a company in Florida by esigning my name making me the incorporator without my knowledge or permission.

Since then he has taken my personal, patient information and filed it in a Public forum.

This same sick NP lied and said I got him fired! It has been proven that I was not the reason he was terminated.

This sick NP exposed his pierced privates to a patient!!! He was terminated the next day!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would anyone care to use YOUR personal information for fraudulent purposes let alone a nurse practitioner who is way more successful than you’ll ever be? What is the name of this fraudulent LLC that was allegedly illegally established in your name?


That person shouldn’t have a license.

Joseph A

Winter Park FLORIDA. This guy, after being fired in Winter Park, got jobs working in Pediatrics and now in home care with the elderly. Unsure how the system allows this to go on!!

@Joseph A

How would you know this unless you were stalking him? And FYI nurse practitioners do not work in private duty, you have him confused with an LPN or your story is completely false.


Sounds like the SAME NP that’s been convicted in Court of stalking me and my family. Very sick person.


Sick person! What State did this happen to you?


The poster of this ridiculous sordid tale is the ex-lover of the nurse. This individual is bitter and vengeful because they were dumped outright cold by the nurse, who was getting fed up with their lousy personality (or should I say lack thereof), small-minded intelligence, and of course lack of sensual skill in the bedroom.

This individual has since made it their full-time passion to retaliate against the nurse, posting false information in nearly every public forum they can think of. Please contact me if you would like the poster's identifying information, so you can verify the story for your selves.

Joseph A

How can someone contact you if you’re posting anonymously?


Seems like you are siding with a sick individual. Who comes to the support of a healthcare professional who is more concerned about addressing their sick needs by showing his private parts inside of a captive, examining instead of focusing on the patient’s illness?


What kind of person supports a health care professional who can’t control their physical needs with a patient confined and controlled in tight examination room? Since when did the sick needs of a NP during an exam take priority over a patient’s illness and need for professional medical attention?

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