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Came in on Monday with pink eye in both eyes. I have a newborn, so it was very important to me to get it resolved immediately.

Doctor at minute clinic said she would order me drops, and a refill since I would need it due to double infection. Called today for refill at noon and clinic said they'd get back to me. Four hours later, no reply. Called again and nothing was done, and they said the minute clinic can't order refills so I would need to come in again to get a new prescription.

It's Friday at 5, been waiting all day and can no longer come back. Hopefully I don't pass the infection to my infant. Not a good experience at all. Please instruct your practitioners not to tell people they will have refills when not possible.

I work full time and have 2 children.

This is not something I had time to deal with. Will be sure to share this experience with friends and family.

Review about: Minute Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry they do not give refills-some patients have lied about their younger than 18 month child who CVS cannot treat saying they have pink eye when their eyes look fine and the child's eyes are bloodshit-no refills to disperse around to friends and family sorry


For real ... you and I both know that the instructions on the prescription label were not written as you state.

Want to prove me wrong?

Take a pic of the Rx label and upload it here. I won’t hold my breath as I doubt you will show anyone the truth.


First of all, it is not possible to resolve pinkeye immediately. So, your expectations were a bit unrealistic from the beginning.

Second, IF you were told that the provider was giving you a refill at the time the Rx was written, all you had to do was go to the Pharmacy to pick up the refill.

There was no need at all to call the clinic.

Perhaps you were not listening or did not completely understand the conversation, as there is normally no need for a refill for eye drops to treat your condition. ONE bottle contains plenty of drops to treat BOTH eyes for the necessary 7-10 days.

to Anonymous #1378142

I don't know why you assume that I expected my pink eye to be resolved immediately. I called 5 days later, when I ran out of drops.

The bottle they gave me did not last 7-10 days. The bottle was small and the instructions were for me to put it in my eyes every few hours for the first three days, then 3 times a day for up to 10 days.

I'm not sure why you inferred that I was not listening. I listened carefully and followed the instructions provided.

The bottle was simply not large enough for both eyes, and the practitioner specifically told me that, as well as that I would need a refill since I had an infection in both eyes. Perhaps you weren't reading my review closely enough? Or perhaps you just want to post rude responses to someone who received very bad service at the Minute Clinic?

The reason I called the clinic was because I had a newborn baby with me (as stated above, if you had read my review thoroughly), and I wanted to make sure they could have my prescription ready when I got there.

Also, this is what the practitioner told me to do. The man that answered told me they could absolutely not fill the prescription because the Minute Clinic does not do refills unless I see a practitioner again and since it was Friday at 5pm, they just couldn't help me. So your suggestion that I could just go there and get a refill is not correct. Again, perhaps you should have read a little more closely.

As a side note, I went to the doctor a few days later and I did not even have pink eye.

So on top of everything else, the Minute Clinic misdiagnosed me. I would highly suggest not using these services.

to Anonymous #1378507

Did you seriously try to call in your own refill? You do know that is illegal, right?

A prescription would never have been filled with instructions to use it “every few hours.” That is not an acceptable sig on a prescription; hence you clearly were not taking it correctly.

If the practitioner “knew” that you would need more than one.bottle, she would have written the prescription to dispense two bottles or to provide one refill.

Also there is no reason why they could not see you on a Friday after 5 when they are open in the evenings.

Next time, bring someone with you who can help you understand instructions.

to Anonymous #1378551

If the practitioner didn't follow the right protocols and the pharmacy provided me with bad instructions for using my drops, then I see this as additional reason for people to avoid this location at all costs. Do you work for CVS?

If so, your time would likely be better served training your employees to understand their jobs and use some intellect.

Or perhaps you just enjoy trolling customer sites and accusing people of lying? In which case, you should probably just get a life.

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