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NP did not ask any questions about why person was in the wheelchair... simply came out to family waiting and said we don’t do sports physicals for Special

olympics people.

Family explained not a Special Olympics person. NP still refused physical. Family asked for specific policies and procedures to substantiate this refusal. NP diverted.

Family asked for corporate complaint number... NP refused to provide ... only stayed her supervisors name was Amy - apparently no last name! Family requested rationale for refusing care to person in a wheelchair...

NP stated she didn’t have the patients history and physical... family stated we will provide you all necessary information. NP refused.

Family asked if NP was having other families provide history and physical requirements for all patients that requested a sports physical... NP diverted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Customer Care.

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How funny, someone in a wheelchair who plays sports?? Just what “sport” is he able to play, Hit the Can?What a dumb complaint!


Wouldn’t “asking questions why person is in a wheelchair” qualify as collecting medical history ... which you feel is ridiculous and unnecessary?


It is customary to request a complete medical history with every sports physical. How else can the doctor determine if it is safe for your child to participate in sports?

They actually need to know things like if your child has cardiac issues, diabetes, bone or joint issues, asthma, or a history of a concussion. The entire point of the physical is to medically clear your child for sports — not blindly sign the form just because you don’t feel like providing important information.Whether or not “everyone else” is asked for the same information, what point are you trying to make?

Is “everyone else” your child? Do you not want your child to have a proper physical?You really should change the title of your complaint to MINUTECLINIC REFUSED SPORTS PHYSICAL BECAUSE PARENT REFUSED TO PROVIDE REQUIRED INFO.


You seem very passionate about this subject... perhaps you could work with CVS to initiate clear standards that apply to all clients.

A standardization that applies to everyone equally. If a history and physical is required of all clients....

that seems to be logical.I am a nurse and I was not a “ total crab” I had no agenda, no ploy ... your emotionally charged argument although effective with some is Presumptive at best.


So this particular provider is playing by the rules, acquiring a complete H&P on your child — which you seem reluctant to give as if asking for such information is ridiculous — and ultimately chooses to refuse service as she has the right to do. Likely because you, the parent, were being a total crab. If you have a special needs child, why would you not bring it to the pediatrician for it’s physicals?


Wow! You bring a kid in a wheelchair in for a sports physical with NO supporting documents and are mad that you were turned away??

Would you rather the provider see your kid, fail them on the physical, and then take your money? This almost sounds like a staged ploy for you to get attention...

to Anonymous #1449113

This was not staged...nor was it a ploy. We simply stopped to get a sports physical like we do with any of our children...

never has there been a request for any supporting documents... and the reason the person was in the wheel chair was never discussed...do you know why ? Did he fall? Was it an injury?

Was it a disease process?We were not asked any clarifying questions... the NP refused service without ONE QUESTION

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