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I signed in at 8:30 am . 2-3 other ppl ahead of me and 1 person registered online.

My wait time was 54 minutes. Ok so it’s 9:00 am and the NP still not checking ppl in. Then she says her computer is not working and is running very slowly and she apologized and called the first person. I’m waiting for 1.5 hours from the time I signed in now and the computer says I have 36 minutes to wait.

I walk down an isle and some *** told her Ieft. Not only did this *** jump in front of me he jumped 5 spaces up. The NP didn’t even have the nerve to call the next person behind me she allowed an *** who had 6 ppl ahead of him to take my spot. Of course I’m still pissed about this.

Some ppl from other countries have no respect for other ppl point blank period. Needless to say they’re both West Africans the patient and the NP. Don’t get me wrong the NP has great service but she needs to speak up and be firm. And she did apologize to me for the mixup *** lied and she took him over me plus the 5 ppl in front of his *** How you going to let the patient run the show?

Secondly, CVS Minute Clinic fix your damn EPIC computer systems so that they run efficiently! Maybe allow the patient name be called via the intercom In case the patient is down an isle. Maybe make this an option for the patient to be called via intercom for HIPAA rules and stuff.

I will definitely check yes call my name over the intercom... how am I supposed to hear someone calling my name if they talk like a mouse?

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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How do you expect the nurse to be able to do anything when the computers are down? In case you haven’t noticed, the check in, charting, and payment systems are all computerized.

But yeah, blame the nurse ... it’s all a conspiracy to avoid having to see your stank self.


If you are so sick that you must be seen so badly, then you should be sitting in the waiting area, not lollygaggling around the store filling your shopping basket. And no, CVS does not have the authority to violate HIPAA by “calling your name over the intercom,” and then wait for you to make your appearance at the clinic.

If you are not present when it is your turn, then you lose your spot. Deal.


So you're racist and impatient when computer systems go down? Go somewhere else!

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