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I arrived for my 10:00 appointment and signed in as required - the technician opened the door and took the "walk-in" that had just ask me upon my arrival if I had an appointment.

I waited for 20 minutes before I was waited on and informed the technician that I was not pleased with the process of an "appointment" which is useless if a "walk-in" in taken before someone that has a valid appointment.

Only there for 5 minutes and $30 later for a piece of paper - what a joke.

The indifference for a person that has followed the rules is appalling and should be addressed to the personnel involved.

Review about: Minute Clinic Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You must have a lot of time at your job at CVS to comment about almost all of the posts. Go full time or something.

to JJ #1448677

You as well it seems have a lot of spare time to comment. You appear to follow that poster to comment or you are trolling the CVS line. Either way pot calling kettle and such.


“Technician”???I wasn’t aware that MinuteClinic employed “Technicians.”I also find it odd that you state you were “waited on” by a “Technician.”Healthcare professionals do not “wait on” people.

Did you realize that you were at a medical clinic?Perhaps you meant to go someplace else but got lost on the way?

to Anonymous #1448676

Why do you have such a problem with customers at CVS? I never heard such bullying comments.

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