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I took my teen in for a sports physical, since we procrastinated and they are due in a few days, all that was needed is the form filled in, vitals taken,, blah blah. Well, the NURSE PRACTITIONER spent AN HOUR slowly asking questions, and typing.

Then concluded that she would NOT clear my daughter for softball (who plays ever year) because she had checked the box, has chest discomfort when exercising. My daughter explained that she meant she gets a little out of breath after running, which is NORMAL,but this dumb lady said she should see a cardiologists!!! Oh my goodness, what a joke. I argued with her, but to no avail.

I am soooo angry. Now, I have wasted my time and money and my daughter can't get her forms in on time, and probably can't play. All because this LAME MINUTES CLINIC lady thinks she's smarter than my daughters pediatrician, who has cleared her every year, and obviously sees no need for a visit to the cardiologist!!

DO NOT GO TO CVS MINUTE CLINICS!!!! I will never again.

Review about: Minute Clinic Nurse.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Shortness of breath while running is NEVER normal for a child athlete. The provider did her job correctly. You, on the other hand, should be more concerned with providing adequate healthcare for your child than putting your child in danger by getting him/her signed off on a sports physical.


Don't wait until the last minute; be more responsible. If the provider is more concerned about your child's health than you or the pediatrician, you should listen to the concerns.

Pearland, Texas, United States #1298702

well, you should have gone to your daughter's pediatrician then! that's what happens when you wait until the last minute...smh.


You should've rehearsed with your daughter prior to going in so no red flags were raised during the appointment. Shame on your kid for being honest about her medical condition and thus being disqualified from sports.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1297851

Very unprofessional response from CVS


Hate to break it to ya, but no respectable provider is going to lie for you and clear your kid for sports by just filling out the form and not actually doing the physical. Go back to whatever seedy place has been clearing her for years if you care so little about the fact she can barely breathe and has chest pain.


So, you will not be missed at all. I really hope that you will never go back for real. No body wants to deal with people like you that only causes headaches

to Anonymous #1298502

I hope karma will pay you back and you will lose your job. You are very Unprofessional.

Who ever you are you are very mean to people.


Kudos to the nurse practitioner for not allowing you to belittle her into signing off your kid for sports and placing herself at liability due to undiagnosed cardiomegaly or who knows what else. Go back to whoever just "takes vitals signs the form and blah blah blah" if you care so little about your kid's health.

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