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Went to the Minute Clinic in Boardman, OH.. my daughter had symptoms of pink eye and runny nose.

Nurse practitioner indicated that she had conjunctivitis in the right eye, fluid behind her ear and rhinitis. The NP prescribed eye drops and said she had a virus and to take Sudafed for the rhinitis. Was told that the fluid was not an infection and it would go away. The NP didn't check her neck, kept applying hand sanitizer and was more interested in what she was having for lunch than in my sick daughter.

Two days later, the symptoms worsted so I took her to an urgent care center. The doctor said that no one should ever go to the Minute Clinic. He diagnosed her with bilateral conjunctivitis, dehydration, sinusitis, ear infection, ulcers on the back of her throat, swollen lymph nodes and fever. Told my daughter that the eye drops prescribed were a bad choice and threw them in the trash.

He also wanted a follow up the next day to check her (no charge). NEVER EVER go to the Minute Clinic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Doctor.

Reason of review: Incorrect diagnosis.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Payment for visit, pain and suffering, loss of work.

I didn't like: Lack of attention, Incorrect diagnosis and treatment.

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Very glad you will never go back. MC does not want you to go back either. I hope you stick to your words

Germantown, Tennessee, United States #996767

Since when does applying hand sanitizer to many times become an issue? Also, swollen lymph nodes and ulcers on the back of the throat are not diagnoses, they are symptoms.

So the NO treated your daughter for pink eye, the doctor said she she had pink eye, I don't see the issue there. She may have chosen a different antibiotic that what the doctor prefers to

use but that doesn't make it any less effective. Of course the doctor doesn't want you to use minute clinic or any other retail clinic because that's taking money out of the urgent cares pocket, duh. Also, FYI Minute Clinic does offer follow up by way of a callback and generally if symptoms worsen or if you had brought her back to the clinic within a few days due to the same issues, the patient will be seen without further charge.

People just can't get into he mind set that NPs are just as good with better bedside manner. Patients already complain about it taking 20 minutes to be seen at a 'minute' clinic, if the NPs had to answer the phone every few minutes for people wanting to know if we treat this, what time do we close, how much is it to be seen and on and on patients visits would be interrupted constantly and visits would take and hour to get through. Mom, you never said what the doctor actually diagnosed you child with besides pink eye and a red ear. Honestly her ear could've gotten infected within the two days you followed up.

And the prior commenter, you must have gotten fired from your job, you're no longer employed but are constantly stalking this site and making your comments. You must have flunked out of nursing school and now work at the local gas station and hate your life so you take it out on everyone else.

What a loser.

Estes Park, Colorado, United States #994954

That place is so bad. It's a good thing you went to a real Dr.

I worked in the customer service department (which really means I answered the phone for hundreds of angry customers every day) at that *** hole, and those providers are nothing more than R.N's. STAY AWAY from the Minute Clinic.

Any place that does not have a phone number patients call directly is a huge red flag. It is just a matter of time before they kill somebody.

to Anonymous #1364075

You got fired from the customer service department because you're incompetent. The providers are not R.N.'s.

You say there's not a phone number patients call directly so how do they call the customer service department? There's a direct customer service number.

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