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I tried to make an appointment for my son online this morning, for a virtual appointment. We have been there plenty of times before and everything has been fine until today.

I went to set him up with an appointment, I entered in all his information and it would kick me back saying he wasn't a verified patient. I tried my account as his caregiver, when I got the practitioner to call me back, she asked if the appointment was for me and I told her it was for my son, but the site wouldn't verify his information. She said she couldn't do that, even if the site wouldn't verify him, then she hung up on me (no offer to help get me where I needed to go, no phone number, just ended the zoom call). I called the company to try and get help and got an automated message.

I finally reached a live person and she told me I'd have to get my husband to register for an account (because he was the primary provider for insurance) in order to get our son added. Ok, he did that, and he got the same message, it wouldn't verify our son. I tried calling CVS, the minute clinic customer service line, all I got were automated messages.

A whole morning spent running in circles for nothing. It's too bad my son decided to get an ear infection on the weekend or he would have gone to his primary, now I know minute clinic isn't an option either.

User's recommendation: Just go to urgent care, this was a water of time.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Minute Clinic Pros: Weekday walk ins.

Minute Clinic Cons: Virtual appointments are impossible with their website.

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Terrible service because they would not see your son under an appointment made in YOUR name? What a dumb complaint.

You expect them to commit fraud and when they don’t you cry Terrible Service. How dare you.


This is all too confusing. Why did you register as your son?

That is called stolen identity and is not too nice to do to a family member!!! Hopefully they would have noticed when they did the exam.


No practitioner is going to see your son when you registered the appointment under yourself, regardless of your excuse. Because doing so is FRAUD.


Why did she register as her own son? That is so weird!


She was trying to pull some kind of scam clearly. She needs to back off and let her son handle his own affairs.


Next time, tell your son to make his own appointment.


You can’t register yourself and then expect your son to be seen under your name… ever hear of insurance fraud??? How about contacting Minute Clinic for assistance next time if you are having trouble registering the correct person!!!!


I DID, if you bothered to read the review


Actually, I'll add... the complaint wasn't about them not taking my son in exchange for myself, my complaint was the lack of representatives, assistance, and website issues.


Why did you register as him then?


She registered as her husband, for her son.

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