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I visited the Minute Clinic on 8/30/18 at the North Myrtle Beach location (1010 Hwy 17 N at Tilghman Beach Plaza) after extreme sinus pressure had not been relieved by my usual methods in 2 weeks.

I am a healthy 70 yr old but I have seen my share of medical professionals for myself or relatives. I have never left a visit so upset.

She got on her "soapbox" (her words) to yell at me for not taking care of my allergies so it went into a sinus issue. First of all, I have been treated for allergies for years and know how to handle them. I do not take medication when I have no symptoms as I am opposed to putting unnecessary chemicals in my body. She was more interested in typing info into the computer than listening to me. She was clearly upset that her co-worker had not shown up to help with patients (not my fault).

Her main focus was on my blood pressure rather than my sinus issue. I have a primary care physician for this. Under instructions on my receipt, she again focused on my BP indicating we had discussed losing weight, exercise and diet changes to lower my BP ... none of this was EVER discussed and actually is not an issue (but how would she know). I am not overweight and swim laps and walk on a regular basis (she never gave me the chance to indicate this). After reviewing my medications, she summarized including cymbalta which I had clearly said I no longer take. When I corrected her, she yelled at me saying I told her I was.

I have had the occasion to visit a Minute Clinic a couple times over the last 10 years and my local site has wonderful people working there. However, after my experience with Carla Graham, I will never use Minute Clinic services again and will never recommend them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Puff be gone. They won't miss u. Less stress with you folks


You totally missed the point!


All of the irrelevant details aside, your blood pressure was high, no? This severely limits what the practitioner can safely prescribe for you.

Of course with your 70 years of vast knowledge and experience, you should already know this. So why get all argumentative with the practitioner and try to show off your non-medically educated expertise?

If you DON’T do this or DON’T do that, then why bother seeking the advice of a trained medical professional at all? Just stay home and be miserable alone.


I understand my blood pressure better than a medical professional who does not personally know me. Beyond this, I did not need to be treated in this way for any reason.

@Janna Haubach

If you know so much better than a doctor, then why not stay home and treat your own illnesses? Something tells me you really don’t know much at all, considering your blood pressure was uncontrolled and extremely high at your visit. Perhaps an apology to the doctor for your behavior would be appropriate.

@Janna Haubach

A medical professional does not have to “personally know you” in order to treat your medical conditions. What kind of nonsense is that?!?!

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