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Arrived at clinic at 130 pm, sign showed return time of 140pm during lunch. Waited until 210pm nurse returned and said wait is another 15 mins and one patient in front of us.

Daughter had high fever and the nurse was sipping a drink and on personal cell call when telling me the wait was another 15 mins while she finished her break. Unprofessional. Person in front of us was not waiting but apparently he was texted and was able to leave and return so since I did not know this we waited 40 mins to find out she had to finish her break and wait on the returning patient while my daughter sat there burning up. Had to leave without being seen as younger son returning from school at 230.

I feel the nurse could have taken her at 210 but she apparently and to finish her break. I feel this was pretty inconsiderate and she had no concern for my daughter. WILL NEVER RETURN AS IT SHOULD BE HOUR CLINIC. This was not my first bad experience either spent a couple other times waiting for one patient in front of me who took 45 mins.

Another time I asked if they treated for bladder infection prior to me waiting and I was told yes. Then after waiting an hour and when seen after taking temp and blood pressure etc I was told they cannot test for it. Had to pay for the visit and go to doctor the next day. I find the clinic is not convenient and service has never been too friendly.

Takes a very long time might as well go to a doctor and wait for an apt time.

Total waste of time at this clinic that is supposed to be convenient and fast.

Review about: Minute Clinic Nurse.

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You must have misread the clock as providers take a lunch from 1:30-2:30 but can vary. The provider went on break at 1:40 and was supposed to return at 2:40; not 1:40.

Must not have been that sick if you just left or you don't care that much about your child. How dare you think the provider should forego their lunch to see your child you self-righteous ***.


Also, the reason you probably got referrs to your primary care doc or urget care when you had a UTI was because you had either a fever or back pain in which case they HAVE to refer you to rule out a kidney infection. They don't have a choice.

But they don't know if they have to refer you until they ask you the questions and do the physical exam. People are just so dumb I can't even......


The nurse practitioners work in those clinics from open to close. The same practitioner who opens the clinic at 7am is the one working til 9pm.

They see patient after patient in a tiny windowless, room with very poor ventilation.

Very sick patients coughing in their face all day; all of them with the same symptoms and complaints over and over, same arguments over why they don't prescribe antibiotics for viruses, answering dumb questions, having to over explain everything and dealing with rude hostile patients who demand to be seen without an appointment and are always angry when they arrive unannounced and there are people waiting ahead of them. The nurses have no front staff, no office staff to help them with reception, patient sign in, inventory, billing, insurance verification and coverage and setting up/cleaning the clinic. They do everything by themselves--- one person running a medical office all day.

Imagine that.

But they do it to help people. They sacrifice late night hours, their weekends and all holidays with their families to keep those understaffed clinics open so people's only option isn't the emergency room.

They hit the ground running in the morning and do not stop until close..... Except for their required lunch break. That is the ONLY chance they can put something in their mouth and go to the bathroom.

If they had to go all morning, too bad. Only one break the entire day.

And you have the audacity to assume she could stop sipping her drink and cut her break short to attend you faster?


Because You're sick? You are like the 80th person that day complaining of being sick. So what?? There will be 80 more people after you that day.

See? You're nothing special. It is most likely the first drink she's had all day. And the only drink she will get until she goes home late at night.

The nurse is a human being who is entitled to his/her lunch break just like you are everyday. Would you like it if someone walked in unannounced into your job during your break and expected you to drop everything just because they decided on their own to show up? The nurse didnt tell you to show up randomly, you made that decision. Why are you mad at her??

The only reason to be mad at her is if she said "be here at a specific time and I will see you immediately" and then doesn't. But this is totally your fault. She had zero control over what time you decided to show up. And YOU happened to show up in the middle of her lunch break; with another patient already signed in ahead of you.

So, sign in, sit down and WAIT until she can see you. *** hole.

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