I went into the new Minute Clinic on 1960 (By Champions Forest) to get a refill on my inhaler. Typically I have gone to the Walgreens Clinic on 34th street, however, this one was really close to my work so I thought I could get it done over my lunch break and not have to juggle my 2 year old at a doctor's office.

When I was called in and questioned about why I was there (had gone two weeks prior because I was coming down with a cold and already had bronchitis and was given steroids and a nebulizer pack (to be taken every 4 hrs)). Anyway, I had only had a few puffs on my inhaler and over Thanksgiving they ran out. So I went in to get the refill on my rescue inhaler.

Let me start off by saying I've never felt like I've ever been in a situation that I have been harrassed about why I think I need an inhaler -- These are the questions I was asked: "The nebulizer pack is albuterol just like your inhaler...Do you know/understand that?" "How often were you taking the nebulizer's twice a day?" (Already relayed took as prescribed on the last visit) "Why do you need and inhaler when you already have the nebulizer treatment?" (Tried to explain that I can't plug my nebulizer in a work and do it there because I am on the phone all day plus there are lots of places where that equipment cannot be utilized easily). Having a rescue inhaler that isn't on "0" shouldn't be a crime, especially if someone is sitting there wheezing.

Overall it was a VERY bad experience. I walked out after being asked the above questions over 6 times each. I have asthma but I shouldn't have to be treated like I'm stealing anything to get a medication that greatly increases my standard of living.

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Thank you for this post! I recently lost my insurance and was looking for a solution to get my asthma control devices refilled.

Since my asthma is stress induced, and triggers panic attacks, I'd rather not be assaulted with questions while I'm trying to focus on getting enough air in my body so I don't give myself a headache. I'm sorry for your experience though!!


What is so bad about the questions you were asked, and how in the world did you deduce you were being accused of stealing? Going to MinuteClinic does not equate to being handed a blank Rx pad so you can get whatever meds you want no questions asked.

Even their advertising states that Rx's are written WHEN MEDICALLY INDICATED... if you take offense to safe prescribing practices then go puff on the tailpipe of your old jalopy'


Geez, so sensitive. You can't just go in there demanding whatever you want.

The provider has the right and responsibility to ask questions to gain further information about your knowledge and situation. You shouldn't wait until your inhaler says "0" to get a refill.

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These are legitimate questions that have to be asked. If you felt like a criminal then you have a guilty conscience.

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