I went to minute clinic With from my years of life experience I knew that I needed an antibiotic. No matter how much I pleaded they would not prescribe one.

Over the next several days my condition got worse until I went somewhere else. They told me that minute clinic will not give you an antibiotic unless you know what to say to them. After three days of suffering, no sleep and missing work I will finally get better now that a different doctor has prescribed the antibiotic that I knew that I needed when I went to minute clinic.

Minute clinic is a scam. They want you to come back a second time so that they can charge you twice for what they could have done the first time.

They obviously don't really care about you.

It is all about the money with them. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else when you are sick.

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Your life experience is not a substitute for a medical degree. Antibiotics are only prescribed when medically indicated.

A sinus infection is most commonly viral in nature. Symptoms have to last awhile before bacterial infection is suspected.

Snellville, Georgia, United States #1260677

Very true! First of all the person who sees you is a nurse (didnt think they have authority to prescribe anything but a misdiagnosis)


AGREE!!! It's a JOKE.

Same experience here. Wouldn't prescribe me antibiotics


This frustrates me beyond belief. NPs went to school, not you.

WE examine and diagnose you, Not Web MD. If you come in telling NPs what you need based on previous experience or you "knowing your body", I don't care.

I still know the evidence and you still do not. What is the point of an immune system when you never let it work?

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1119253

I went into a clinic yesterday with symptoms that had the NP suggesting strep. He asked what my throat's pain level is from 1-10.

I said "9", he said, "let's call it an 8. Otherwise we might need to get you to the emergency room." I have very swollen tonsils that are in excruciating pain, very swollen lymph nodes, ears ache, neck pain, head ache and fever. He gave me some BS to gurgle 4 times a day and some eye drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to talk about being frustrated???

I paid for nothing and have only gotten worse. If he does not prescribe me to an antibiotic today, I will be going to the emergency room. What is the point of going to the doctor if i am supposed to only rely on my immune system? What is the point of having antibiotics that work if you don't want to use them?

At least you're getting overly paid well to tell me to rely on my immune system. What a joke!!!


What would have happened is the viral infection would have cleared up on its own in time. And in the rare case it turns bacterial then you can get antibiotics when it does.

But not all sinusitis is bacterial and needs antibiotics and a medical professional will be able to tell. Whether or not they tell you something you want to hear is your problem not theirs.

You went in for their medical opinion. If you are so sure about what you need then by all means please go to medical school.

to Sanjevp Orlando, Florida, United States #1119255

I suggest going to real doctor. It's like finding a car mechanic. You can't trust many of them but when you find a good one, stick with that person!


I have had the the same issue before and just today with my husband. Here's what I don't understand..they claim that you have to be sick for 10-14 days before they will give you an antibiotic as most "sinus infections and colds" are viral.

Interestingly enough, there is not a clinical definition of most.

So if I understand correctly, I have to wait for this viral infection to turn into a bacterial infection while missing work and ultimately having to see my PCP, an additional expense, for them to treat me since you "didn't feel comfortable" doing it. Lets be real, the small print under minute clinic should say...we will fix you up with a referral for over the counter saline nasal spray, mucinex and an additional stop to a real doctor.

to stillsick #980060

So what They cannot give an antibiotic to make you feel the visit was worth it. That is good for you to hear how to take care of your 'self limiting' cold that will go away on its own!!

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1119256

So never go the minute clinic right? Just let the cold go away on it's own?

That's all I needed to hear! Had I know this before, I would not have sat for 3 hours to have a nurse tell me my conditions that I was already very aware of.

I suggest asking the pharmacist which meds you need. They will give you them same over the counter meds and without the wait.

If you feel that you do actually need prescribed medicine, go to a real doctor. The whole point is to get well as quickly as possible, not sit around and wait on the immune system.

I came to you and paid you for nothing!

to Anonymous #1365027

Are you saying you wanted antibiotics for your cold? A cold is a virus, antibiotics don't help a cold.

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