I usually get a sinus infection once a year and this was my yearly sinus infection.I know when I am getting it and what it is.

I've been to the same Minute Clinic in Charlotte on Carmel Rd for the same problem and always got an antibiotic. I was leaving to go out of town and wanted to get something to keep from feeling louse while on vacation. I begged, pleaded and cried but the doctor had no compassion at all!! She told me if I was still sick in a week, she would prescribe an antibiotic at that time........I guess she wanted me to go to a Minute Clinic while on vacation!!

I WILL NEVER, EVER GO BACK!!Went to urgent care and they prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid.

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You can't go in demanding things.An urgent care prescribes an antibiotic and steroid shot to any patient who wants one.

You did not see a doctor, you saw either a NP or PA.Antibiotics/medications are only prescribed when medically indicated.


Antibiotics aren't usually prescribed for a nonexistent condition.You need to have sinus issues for at least a week before I'll even THINK about prescribing you an antibiotic.

And that's based on solid evidence-based research.So remember that next time you demand an antibiotic.

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