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I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am about my experience. I went in to get a TDAP vaccine because I have a brand new grandbaby in the house.

Nurse Practitioner Donna checks me in, takes my insurance info - all good at this point. She is a very chatty, older woman but at the time thought it was fine. She gets up, gets the shot out of the refrigerator, asks me which arm I would like it in, I say left, she says I should do the dominate arm, which is my right, I say okay.

After the shot she sits down to enter information into the computer - she goes through the basic questions about anything else I would like or need that day - one of which is - would you like a flu shot today? Which I say immediately - No I do not get flu shots.

She continues and proceeds to enter the information from the shot vial - it won't take the number - she tries over and over with the gun and entering it manually. I am thinking we are done here and she turns to me and says - Oops! I know why it won't take the number - I just gave you a flu shot!! WHAT??

You have got to be kidding me!! And besides the fact that I feel completely violated - she is acting flip about the whole thing! She says – “Oh well, that one is on me!” I tell her - I have never had a flu shot on purpose! My Uncle died of direct complications from getting a flu shot in the 90s and I have chosen to never get one - ever.

Also, I have (or had) an excellent immune system and have never wanted to disrupt or compromise that. At that point she actually does take a quick second to apologize but then just continues to make lite of the whole thing. Telling me how much the two boxes look alike and "oh, I guess we'll get to use that other arm anyway"!!!

I have never had such an unprofessional experience in my life. Not once does she ask me if I am allergic to eggs or anything - not a single question in regards to my health with this shot she has just put into my body.

All she says is “oh I will write this up and put this vial in a bag and save it in case you have any issues, then we will know the lot number”!!


Maybe stop chatting so much and concentrate on your job of injecting human beings with God only knows!! And to top off this already wonderful experience, she ends with and I quote: “Maybe everyone in your family will get the flu and then because I gave you this shot then Grandmom will get to keep the baby.” I just looked at her and walked out.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Good!!! Now the rest of us AND your innocent grandchild will be protected from your nasty flu germs!

Since you are not mature enough to elect to get the shot on your own! Quit your bickering and your misinformed lack of knowledge ... did you die? Did your arm fall off?


That’s because the vaccine is safe you *** skull! — Peter Pony

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